About Dr. Chong

Master Chong has been researching Tradition Oriental Medicine for many years and his research achieved great success. It is time to share his great works and his knowledge with those who are suffering from unknown skin diseases, incurable skin diseases, chronic pain and other unknown diseases.


  • Ph.D. of Oriental Medicine in Yu In University
  • Master of Oriental Medicine in Dongguc Royal University & Yu In University
  • Member, Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners
  • The President of Guam Taditional Oriental Medicine Association
  • International Medical Chi Gong Research Association
  • The President of International Professional Massage therapist Association
  • President of Heaven Man Earth University of America
  • Heaven Man Earth University of America Oriental Medical Research Clinic
  • The former 10th president of Guam Korean Youth Association
  • 7 degree black belt instructor of White Crane DoJo


Master Richard C.H. Chong is a Traditional Oriental Medical Doctor Ph.D. LIC. AC. in Traditional Oriental Medicine. He is not a Western medical doctor. Instead of being a doctor, Master Chong would rather be a philosopher of Nature and Oriental Philosophy; He loves and respects the laws of Nature and Universe.


He believes that humanity is always a part of Nature. Master Chong applies all Oriental philosophies based on the integral relationship between Heaven, Man, and Earth.


He applies Yin and Yang theories in his medical practice. The Five Element Theory is an integral application that he uses in his practice in all levels of treatment.


When humanity tries to control or change the laws of nature, problems and begin. Master Chong always emphasizes harmony of nature (Perfect Yin and Yang about), where the philosophy of Heaven Man Earth ( about) begins. Master Richard Chong, who comes from Traditional Korean Do Clan ( about )is the third student of his Grand Master ( Do Won about ). Traditional Oriental Medicine ( about) Master Chong is the 6th generation of his family to practice Traditional Oriental Medicine.


Do Won( about ), the Grand Master of Master Richard Chong, is also the Master of Herbology, Medical Chi Gong, and traditional Oriental medicine. He comes from the Traditional Korean Do Clan( about ) and his family members were traditional Korean medical doctors from generation to generation.


Do Won studied meditation at an early age. He was inspired by his father who was a famous Oriental medicine doctor in the South Province of Korea.

HMEUA Oriental Medical Research Clinic

Do Won stayed in the mountain and practiced meditation for many days and nights. One day, he heard the sound of thunder, and was feeling fire, like the burning Sun falling into the center of his head. His body started trembling, like a tree during an earthquake. At that moment, he felt extreme heat burning within himself.


After the incident, he was able to predict the future. He now understood the principle of the universe which applies beyond Oriental medicine. In 1992, Do Won looked up at the sky and told me that he saw "blood towards the sky" in Los Angeles. Six months later, L.A. had a frightening riot. My Grand Master predicted an event in the future.

HMEUA's Professional Massage Therapist

He is the Grand Master of Fung Su Wei( about ), Astrology( about ) and I Ching( about ). Do Won treated people with cancer and chronic symptoms that cannot be understood, nor cured by conventional medicine.


Do Won, always travels from one place to another. He never stays in one place. He is a man like the wind ( about ) and stays in the high mountains, just meditating. Meditation is a source of energy to sustain life for Do Won. He stays in the mountains, away from modern technology, which can break his concentration.

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Master Richard Chong is also the master of Medical Chi Gong, specializing in Acupuncture and herbs for controlling pain and managing chronic diseases. He uses Jang Kong which is traditional Korean Medical Chi Gong( about ) and Do In Sul( about ) Master Chong uses Medical Chi Gong for diagnosis of symptoms. He scans the patient's body like an MRI or CT-scan.


Master Richard practices Traditional Korean Five Elements Chi Gong Acupuncture ( about ), which he has created. He successfully treats chronic diseases like Psoriasis, Eczema, and any kind of pain. He successfully treats 80% to 90% of Psoriasis symptoms using 99% natural methods. To date, there are no side effects from any treatment he has administered.

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Master Richard Chong who graduated from Dong Gunggug Royal University and Yu In University of Oriental Medicine & Acupuncture in Los Angeles, California. He is the President of Guam Acupuncture Association U.S.A., Vice President of the International Medical Chi Gong Research Association, The President of the International Professional Massage Therapist Association, Guam Youth Association, member of Acudetox Association and National Psoriasis Foundation. He is a 7th degree black belt of Hap Ki Do. He has been teaching Hap Ki Do and Tai Chi for 20 years.
This picture was taken in Northern Public Health during Dr. Chong diagnoses Tongue diagnosis

In Korea, at the age of 19, he was a 3rd Degree Black Belt instructor at Mu Hak Kwan Do Jo of Hap Ki Do.


Master Richard Chong trained since he was five years old. His family has been engaged in the Martial Arts and Oriental Medicine for many generations.

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