Dr. Chong performs Cosmetic Acupuncture
for face lift

Whether you believe it or not, HME's Acupuncture Expert can control at least 90% of any pain. Dr. Chong uses the Medical Ki Gong to intuitively scan the patient's energy and locate the negative energy that has accumulated in the problematic regions and internal organic systems. Once identified, Dr. Chong then uses the traditional Korean Sa Am Five Element Acupuncture, which is very effective to treat chronic symptoms and diseases.


This picture was taken in Northern Public Health
during Dr. Chong diagnoses Tongue
and Pulse diagnosis

Dr. Chong also uses Medical Ki Gong to seek for trigger points in the meridians, where related pain, problems, or symptoms are located. Then he would stimulate the points using Ki Gong Five Elements Acupuncture techniques. This approach releases the pain and negative Ki instantly from the problem regions. The patient feels instant release, even after inserting just one needle.


This picture was taken in Northern Public
Health during Peter Choi practices Acupuncture
who is a student of Dr. Chong

Dr. Chong seldom uses the local points approach, and favors the distal (away from) points and crossing points when performing acupuncture. For example, if the patient has pain in their right shoulder, Dr. Chong would use the Crossing and Distal Points techniques to control the symptoms and pain instantaneously. This approach or technique can be compared to a punch; the farther away it is, the stronger the result.

Frequently, people think Dr. Chong exaggerates the fact that the pain goes away as fast as the speed of light. If you have been one of his patients, or have seen him demonstrate this at seminars, it is clearly not an exaggeration. The pain is immediately gone.


Patient receives Electronic Acupuncture treatment

HME Acupuncture treatment always provides excellent results due to the techniques applied to individual's symptomatic regions. As we all know by now, acupuncture deals with Ki (vital energy) in the body. If the Ki in the meridian is stagnant - it causes pain. In order to release the pain, Acupuncture needles are inserted to the trigger points. These needles will stimulate the Acupuncture points, and instantaneously release the stuck Ki and pain.

If there are deficiencies in the internal organic system, it means that the system lacks and needs nutrition. These deficiencies can be solved by taking herbal medicine, which is extremely effective in supplying nutrition to our body.






Ki Gong five element Acupuncture, which is created by Master Chong, is very effective in treating the most common chronic illness and it does get rid of the unbearable itch from psoriasis and eczema symptoms. The purpose of performing acupuncture is for sedating the excessive symptoms. For instance, when a patient's constitution is very weak, Acupuncture is not a proper treatment tool because Acupuncture uses a lot of vital energy. It also activates & regulates Ki in the energy network, which is known as meridians in humans.

Only Ki Gong five element Acupuncture will be able to tonify deficient conditions of Yin & Yang Organs. It directly regulates & adjusts the excessive conditions of Organs.

Master Chong also found out that the great result of Ki Gong five element Acupuncture alerts nerves, nervous system and Central nervous system through his Ki Gong five element Acupuncture research. The patient who is suffering from a chronic illness always has a dull and weak nerve reflation in the nervous system. Ki Gong Acupuncture alerts the sleeping nerve and awakens the functions of the nervous systems and organic systems.


Patient receives Cupping treatment for
coagulation of blood.


Patient receives Moxa treatment for
boosting up immune system of Kidney.



A lot of people are curious about HME Medical Ki Gong. They want to know how it works. Medical Ki Gong is a part of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (TAOM) that requires years of practice and experience. Medical Ki Gong has been around for more than 4000 years. Dr. Chong uses this Ancient Medical Ki Gong technic approach to diagnose the patient's symptoms.


In the deep ocean, submarines use sonar to navigate and determine their position and direction. In the forest, bats and owls are night-time predators that also use sonar to determine the location of their prey that are hiding, even running in the dark. HME Medical Ki Gong has a similar concept. The experienced practitioner uses Ki Gong to locate and determine the cause of symptoms or pain.