For us these days because we are exposed in all kind of chemical environment. Air pollution, water pollution, food pollution and daily materials, which  we are using has made of chemicals. The water and air pollution that we can avoid from severe environment pollution. The food which we eat we can not control chemical involved. Lots of food and vegetable are exposed to pesticides, which we can not control to make food exposed to chemical.  When farmers raise the cattle, inject growing hormone (GH). That growing hormone come in our body and attach to our internal organ and tissue became a cancer. Through the pork and chicken meat diet, we receive antibiotic agent and preserve.


When chicken and pork farm raise the animals, farmers feed the antibiotics to animal not to get sick from disease. In order to last long for chicken eggs farmers feed the chickens small amount of preserve in the food. Our body receive antibiotic from eating chicken and pork meat in automatically. When we sick, the antibiotics are not working because our body immune system are used to antibiotic agent. Therefore super bacteria appear and threaten human. There is no medicine for super bacteria.  

Lots of people are suffered from skin disease such as psoriasis, eczema Atopy and unknown skin disease, which are caused by all kinds of chemicals from the food and  building materials. The key of healthy life is how to avoid and clear the chemical waist in our bodies. That is the reason why detoxification is very important for modern life. There are lots of effective herbs and herbal medicine which be able to clear the toxin in our bodies. Especially Ginseng is the one of most important herb for detoxification. Green Tea is also very handy to clear the toxin from our bodies. Herbs has natural ability to purify the toxin from the intestine and liver, and boost up energy for the organic system. Detoxification is the key of healthy life.