HME Diet



Diet is very important as you know. "You are what yon eat " is  the common  fact. If you eat a junk food, your body become a junk and if you eat health food, your body become a very healthy.

Our body consist of a group of living cell, which is constantly function and living. Our body need good nutrition in order to stay in health life. Body need life food(fresh (KI) food) such as organic food with lots of fresh Ki. Traditional Oriental Medicine emphasize that the food is a medicine which has given by God.

In Theory of Oriental Medicine  certain grouped of people digest certain food well than the other such as Korean feels comfortable to eat Korean food than American food because the DNA of Korean is focused to digest well in Korean diet. Japanese food is digested well for Japanese because the enzyme of Japanese fits well to Japanese diet than other diet.


In the other words Korean eats  American food, genetic DNA of Korean is not recognized American enzyme of food well. Korean gets a side effect from taking inappropriate  food  causing fat or get sick easily.


Natural food is medicine! It is bio-chemical. All the elements that exist in our bodies also exist in the universe in slightly different forms. All Organic elements that  can be found inside our bodies can be found in the earth's elements!  God created the Earth made up of many basic elements. These elements found in the Earth are mono-chemical. All these elements can also be found in the Sun. These elements cannot be directly absorbed by any animal or human being.


God designed the plants to absorb the nutrients from the Earth. Plants need 3 basic elements to exist, Sun(Heaven4_Programs_htm_smartbutton4.gif), Water(Man4_Programs_htm_smartbutton5.gif) and Earth(Earth4_Programs_htm_smartbutton6.gif)! The plants have the power to convert all the Earth's organic nutrients into bio-chemical nutrients through photosynthesis, thus which the physical nature of the human body consists of! Thus, are bio-chemical organic fruit and vegetables are formed. All God's living creations can survive and exist to perpetuate their species through ingenious system. This is the order and laws God created and cannot be violated! If these simple laws are obeyed, the results are long life and health! If man deviates from these laws of nature, the results are sickness and disease!


There is order in all of nature! The way we eat and blindly combine our food together is no exception to the laws of nature to find our way to stay healthy! Once we violate any of these laws, we will inevitably suffer the consequences! If the living enzymes are pasteurized or killed through super heating then the results will be less dramatic! You may not immediately feel the effects, but the results are still the same! Blood poisoning! Over worked liver and kidneys!


All food is divided in three categories: Yin, Yang and Tao. Alkaline, Acid and Protein! All fruit is in the category of acid, Yin! All vegetables are in the category of the alkaline, Tao group.  And all nuts,grains and seeds are in the protein,yang group. The basic function of all fruit is to cleanse the body.  The function of all vegetables is to heal the body. And the function of protein is to build and repair the body! Simplicity is the key! Allow your body to perform one function or another but not all three basic functions at the same time!


Your pancreas produces all three digestive enzymes: alkaline, acid and protein. If you eat all three types of food categories that contain living enzymes at the same time, your stomach will be filled with these enzymes all at the same time, which will create a condition in your stomach called toxemia. All the enzymes produced by your pancreas will cancel each other out and the result is blood poisoning. Even the purest organic foods combined will have the same results! Therefore, food combining is very important!


Any food that is tampered with by man or added with additives and preservatives, can destroy the natural integrity of what God originally created and intended. These foreign man made creations or chemicals directly influence the DNA molecule. The DNA molecule reads this foreign substance as something similar to the true organic elements, but the reaction and the results are not the same. Symptoms may temporarily disappear, as in Western Medicine's philosophy, but the disease still persists. The DNA molecule, therefore, becomes confused. In order for the healthy function of the DNA molecule, it demands bio-chemical organic natural elements. If the DNA molecule does not receive all the basic nutrients in it's bio-chemical form then the result is a cell that goes amok! It's functions become abnormal!