Herbal Medicine


Herbs are aromatic plants and natural medicines that have been around for thousands of years. They are a very important natural resources, because of their benefits and usefulness that greatly and positively affect the functions of our body - physically and mentally, without side effects.

Herbs are used in numerous ways. Cooking, making perfume, and one of its most important uses, is for medicinal purposes.

Herbs have been used in Korea for more than 5000 years. Other countries such as China, Japan, and some European countries also use herbs as medicines. Creating a formula is a Mastered Science of Ancient Oriental Medicines. It requires certain logic or methods in combining ingredients to make a formula suitable for most physical and/or mental ailments.

The medicinal benefits and advantages of herbs are becoming more popular worldwide. Ancient Korean Medical Doctors culture herbs in the mountains and dry-process them using a "high tech" dehydration machine in order to preserve its quality and increase shelf-life. Traditionally, herbs are dry-processed (depending on the type of medicinal plant) using the universe's most abundant and important energy source, the Sun

Herbal medicine includes roots, stems, branches, leaves, pollens, and flowers of plants. Sometimes, herbs are supplemented by other things, such as certain parts of animals, minerals from stones, and some products of the ocean, such as seaweed, shells, and fish bones. Almost everything that exists in nature has a purpose, and if used properly, could be used as a medicine.


The Traditional Herbal Medicine (THM) categorizes herbs in five different energies; sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty. Herbs of Sour taste affect the Liver and soothe the flow of Liver energy. Herbs of Bitter taste affect the Heart muscle, which activate the function of the Heart . Herbs of Sweet taste promote the function of the Spleen and Stomach for better digestion. Herbs of Pungent taste activate the dispersing function of Lung energy. Lastly, herbs of Salty taste improve proper function of the Kidney.


Thousand of years have passed and up until now it is still questionable and unbeknownst to most of us how the ancient Oriental Medicine Doctors (OMD) determined the proper application of certain parts of herbs to certain body ailments. But some OMDs are willing to extend the secret of Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) to students with a good heart and/or member of a clan that is willing to continue their vision. They shared their knowledge with them in order to propagate their "Good Will" to future generations. Dr. Chong was fortunate enough to recieve this knowledge, and is also willing to share his knowledge with you. According to this knowledge, the root of herbs' energy affects the Kidney, because the Kidney controls the lower-back - all the way down to the toes. The trunk or stem of the herbs' energy affects the abdomen of the human body. The branch of the herbs' energy go to extremities of human body.


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