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Medical Ki Gong


Master Chong is performing Medical KI-Gong.

He is regulating Yin and Yang Ki through Ren meridians and Du Meridians. This is Traditional Oriental Medical Ki-Gong






Often people who read this web site might thing, what is HME 's Medical Ki Gong? and how does Dr. Chong use Medical Ki Gong to diagnose the patient's symptoms? It is the same concept that the summering in deep sea  uses sonar to navigate in the huge ocean freely and/or bats can fly at night without hitting objects and locate and catch the prey. When bats fly at night, make a shooting sonar and receive the frequence that bouncing back from the object. Bats use  bouncing back information, which  can be able to navigate the direction for prey.

One of the purposes to practice HME's Medical Ki Gong and Meditation is to develop one's ability to utilize dormant brain functions in harmony with your body. Ki Gong was developed thousands of years ago by Darlayama. Darlayam was a famous monk who crossed over the continent of Asia, coming to Mainland China from India. W.H.O proves Ki Gong therapy has positive results. The purpose is to wake up millions of brain cells to develop one's inner true Ki (4_Programs_htm_smartbutton17.gif), which is directly controlled by one's mind and thought. True Ki
(4_Programs_htm_smartbutton17.gif) travels in the meridian, governs the network of the human's body and controls many various internal organ systems. If there are any problems in the body, it reaches out for the problem regions and repairs damaged parts of the body.