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HME Meditation


Traditional HME Meditation

Master Richard Chong is meditating in the ocean, early morning. Through meditation you can alert your inner Ki to amplify vital energy in the (DAN JUN 4_Programs_htm_smartbutton24.gif)lower abdomen. Guam is one of the perfect places in the world to get Heaven's Ki ( 1_PsoriasRClinic2_htm_smartbutton4.gif )and Water's Ki.(1_PsoriasRClinic2_htm_smartbutton5.gif)






Through the traces of Oriental history, Oriental people believe that  the mind and body work together in a perfect harmony just like the complete harmony of Yin and Yang in nature. The people practice self control themselves through meditation and breathing exercise.  Meditation develops a greater capacity of brain function and expands the body's ability of better body function. Reasonably, many Buddha monks, philosophers and master of martial artists practice the meditation along with the breathing exercise. Meditation can reduce tremendous stress and give the freedom of mind, spirit and soul.  Meditation releases the psoriasis patient's intense stress and irritation.  Another purpose of meditation is to slow down the excessive brain cell activity that results from living in high tact and complicated societies day by day. The results of stress affect the normal harmonic functions of the nervous system, organic system, endocrine system and the natural biological functions of the human body. When people are under stress, it causes a disorder of hypothalamus a disorder in which the body secretes 9 hormones that affect the malfunctioning of the endocrine system and causes excess or deficient functional body systems.


Oriental Medicine theory categorizes the stress as 7 emotional factors. Humans have 7 emotional factors such as pleasure, anger, sadness, worry, fright, stress, hate and other related human emotions that drastically damage the organic system. If you easily get angry and shout in a loud voice, that cause the liver's Ki damage and damages the liver organ. A person who gets easily emotional (like easily getting sad or excited) has a heart problem or can develop heart disease in the future. If you get too much pleasure or excessive excitement, that can affect the Heart and damage the heart's Ki. For instance, a person has frequently sex (excessive pleasure), can acquire a heart disease such as anxiety attacks, palpitation, and get easily emotional. These are all possible reasons to developing of heart problems in the future in the theory of Oriental Medicine!  As a result, our body chemistry becomes detrimental to the point of self destruction! For instance, all the negative emotions we have can destroy our bio chemical sodium chloride where most of it exists in our system- within the lining of our stomachs. Bio sodium chloride is very necessary in the normal everyday functions of every single cell in our bodies.


It is a catalyst that stimulates the actions our cells to protect the body from dangerous mono chemical and tri-chemical compounds (free radicals) that have the potential to destroy and impair the function of any one of our organs. Bio sodium chloride stimulates the process for producing thousands of bio chemical proteins for repairing damaged tissues and stimulates the production of certain chemicals that allow us to tolerate everyday stress and millions of other functions. Meditation helps correct physiological and psychological malfunctions that usually result from some type of internal disorder that normally leads to some type of disease, either mental or physical. Stress affects the endocrine glands which become excessive from too much brain activity. That leads to inefficient function and inefficient production of certain necessary hormones and essentials chemicals. Meditation brings back normal function in the production of these important chemicals!  If you are interested in Meditation and Medical Ki Gong, join the HME Ki Gong Class.  Contact Dr. Chong with this number  Tel. 637-4443.