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Modality refers to the quality or state modal or manner. HME Clinic provides services such as Meditation, Medical Ki Gong, Tai Chi, and PMT Massage. These services are used for stress, relaxation, muscle strengthening, and restoring energy to your body. Click any of the links to view more information.



Traditional HME Meditation

Master Richard Chong is meditating in the ocean, early morning. Through meditation you can alert your inner Ki to amplify vital energy in the (DAN JUN
4_Programs_htm_smartbutton24.gif)lower abdomen. Guam is one of the perfect places in the world to get Heaven's Ki
Water's Ki.(1_PsoriasRClinic2_htm_smartbutton5.gif)


Through the traces of Oriental history, Oriental people believe that  the mind and body work together in a perfect harmony just like the complete harmony of Yin and Yang in nature. The people practice self control themselves through meditation and breathing exercise.  Meditation develops a greater capacity of brain function and expands the body's ability of better body function. Reasonably, many Buddha monks, philosophers and master of martial artists practice the meditation along with the breathing exercise.

Meditation can reduce tremendous stress and give the freedom of mind, spirit and soul. Another purpose of meditation is to slow down the excessive brain cell activity that result from living in high tact and complicated societies day by day.
The results of stress affect the normal harmonic functions of the nervous system, organic system, endocrine system and the natural biological functions of the human body.
When people are under stress, it causes a disorder of hypothalamus a disorder in which the body secretes 9 hormones that affect the malfunctioning of the endocrine system and causes excess or deficient body functional systems cause severe skin problem and illness of our body. Meditation also releases intense stress and help irritation of psoriasis patients.  Oriental Medicine theory categorizes the stress as 7 emotional factors. Humans have 7 emotional factors such as pleasure, anger, sadness, worry, fright, stress, hate and other related human emotions that drastically damage the organic system. If you easily get angry and shout in a loud voice, that cause the damage the liver Ki and damages the liver organ.

A person who gets easily emotional (like easily getting sad or excited) has a heart problem or can develop heart disease in the future. If you get too much pleasure or excessive excitement, that can affect the Heart and damage the heart's Ki. For instance, a person has frequently sex (excessive pleasure), can acquire a heart disease such as anxiety attacks, palpitation, and get easily emotional. These are all possible reasons to developing of heart problems in the future in the theory of Oriental Medicine!  As a result, our body chemistry becomes detrimental to the point of self destruction!

For instance, all the negative emotions we have can destroy our bio chemical sodium chloride where most of it exists in our system- within the lining of our stomachs. Bio sodium chloride is very necessary in the normal everyday functions of every single cell in our bodies. It is a catalyst that stimulates the actions our cells to protect the body from dangerous mono chemical and tri-chemical compounds (free radicals) that have the potential to destroy and impair the function of any one of our organs. Bio sodium chloride stimulates the process for producing thousands of bio chemical proteins for repairing damaged tissues and stimulates the production of certain chemicals that allow us to tolerate everyday stress and millions of other functions.       


Meditation helps correct physiological and psychological malfunctions that usually result from some type of internal disorder that normally leads to some type of disease, either mental or physical. Stress affects the endocrine glands which become excessive from too much brain activity. That leads to inefficient function and inefficient production of certain necessary hormones and essentials chemicals. Meditation brings back normal function in the production of these important chemicals!   If you are interested in Meditation and Medical Ki Gong, join the HME Ki Gong Class.  Contact Dr. Chong with this number  Tel. 637-4443










Master Chong is performing Medical KI-Gong.
He is regulating
Yin and Yang Ki through Ren meridians and Du Meridians.
This is Traditional Oriental Medical Ki-Gong


Often people who read this web site might think, what is HME 's Medical Ki Gong? and how does it work? How Dr. Chong diagnoses patient's symptoms with Medical Ki Gong ? It is the same concept that a summering in deep sea  uses sonar to navigate in the huge ocean freely. Bats produces sonar to fly at night without hitting objects and catches the prey. When bats fly at night shooting sonar and receive the frequence that bouncing back from the object. Bats use  bouncing back information, which  can be able to navigate the direction for prey.

One of the purposes to practice HME's Medical Ki Gong and Meditation is to develop one's ability to utilize dormant brain functions in harmony with the body. Ki Gong was developed thousands of years ago by Darlayama. Darlayam was a famous monk who crossed over the continent of Asia, coming to Mainland China from India. W.H.O proves Ki Gong therapy has positive results.

The second purpose is to wake up millions of brain cells to develop one's inner true Ki (4_Programs_htm_smartbutton17.gif), which is directly controlled by one's mind and thought. True Ki (4_Programs_htm_smartbutton17.gif) travels in the meridian, governs the network of the human's body and controls many various internal organ systems. If there are any problems in the body, it reaches out for the problem regions and repairs damaged parts of the body.

   Eventually, the function of True Inner Ki can improve disorder of body function. It can heal damaged tissue, muscles, tendons, bones and disorders of the nervous system, organic system, lymphatic system, and the malfunction of the body. Once one's meditation is achieved in certain high levels, it can take you to an infinite inner universe and create incredible powers from human's abilities.

  International Ki Gong Research Association has established on 05-01-1993 in LA California by Traditional Oriental Medicine Doctors and Supporting Members













This is called Tai-Chi

Master Chong practices Tai-Chi to activate internal Ki in the whole body and strengthen the muscles.




  Tai Chi belongs to the family of the five internal styles that are all considered soft styles. They utilize the laws of nature for the development and cultivating of one's Ki to heal one's self and eventually heal others! Of course, there are elements of combat that are obviously integrated in the forms. Depending on what style of Tai Chi you study. Tai Chi emphasis will either be on self cultivation, self realization, long life and health, metaphysical phenomena or combat!   There are short forms, medium forms and long forms. The short forms consist of 24 movements and the long forms consist of 108 movements. There is a sword set and a knife set! There is a double broad sword set as well!

Oriental People develop Internal Ki through the constant practice of Tai Chi and it helps keep the flow of Ki, which results in a long and prosperous life. Ki are found in fresh oxygen and certain bio chemicals from the food.  Your cells need Ki to form and produce these chemicals that come from your food and the atmosphere! Your cells need to oxygenate- not oxidise! When your cells oxygenate, they generate power and energy but when your cells oxidise, your cells go into premature aging! Free radicals or tri-chemical compounds are the culprit of premature aging!  Your body requires simple elements to produce complicated compounds to help each cell in your body create a higher, more efficient cell during the process of mitosis. It's all part of the cycle of evolution. The division of a cell every seven years will produce a more efficient and powerful cell if the previous cell is fed all necessary bio chemical nutrients in its proper order! If a cell is fed chemicals that the DNA is not made of, then the result is malfunction, disorder, sickness and disease!






HME PMT (Do In Sul)




HME PMT (Do In Sul) is the oldest chiro method in Ancient Korea which was passed on generation to generation. It activates acupuncture points, which tunes up the internal organs , muscles, tendons, bones and joints. It also activates flow of Ki in the meridians and nervous system in the body. PMT corrects the disorder of internal organs, soothes pain & muscle tensions, reduces the inflammation of tendons and ligaments. When PMT therapist performs PMT(Do In Sul) on the body, it builds blood pressure in the blood stream, such as arteries and veins, which promotes the function of the circulatory system. PMT(Do In Sul) corrects the alignment of the spinal muscle and joints in the human's body with gentle and hard stimulation technique. When Ki is stuck in the joints and along the spinal cord, multiple complex symptoms begin to develop. Releasing the blockage of Ki. HME PMT(Do In Sul) invites "beauty of youth" to restore your body and it soothes the vital energy and promotes longevity to your life.


   Aroma Massage: 1hour $45.00 / Oil Massage: 1hour $35.00

HME Clinic provides relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, aroma massage, facial massage, reflexology massage, tuina, acupressure and shiatsu massage. All the therapists who work at HME Clinic are certified massage therapists by HME University of America. Therapists are trained 1000 hours of  relaxation massage course and another 1000 hours for therapeutic massage.

                         Chair Massage:

HME Chair technique; There is no need for tools, special rooms and a place to perform HME massage. Professional massage therapists can perform massage techniques in any position on the client and even in a small place while performing the massage. Relaxation Massage is dealing with common stress and muscle tension. Therapeutic Massage easily controls headaches, stomachaches, arthritis, myositis, tendonitis, back pain, shoulder pain, spinal problems, diabetes and any body ache and muscle pain.

                    Facial Meridian Massage:

HME Facial Meridian massage technique is tuning the muscle tone from the weakness of muscle on the face. Especially when woman has wrinkle and dry skin on face, HME Meridian massage very effectively promotes blood flow. It also gives a nutrition on the surface of face skin, which keeps moisture on the face that protects aging from the middle age women. Try the facial massage thus you can be beautiful and keep the young for ever.
                         Foot /Reflexology:

HME Foot is the lowest of extremities on the human body which has a lot of stress build-up and tension therefore causing various symptoms. Reflexology releases the accumulated tension on the foot and promotes the circulation of the blood on the foot. Professional massage therapist manipulates foot, which is related to the internal organic systems. Each points and regions have certain functions that correct the system in the body.