VIP Massage: 1 hour &1/2 $55.00
PMT Therapeutic Massage: 1 hour $45.00 /


HME PMT (Do In Sul) is the oldest chiro method in Ancient Korea which was passed on generation to generation. It activates acupuncture points, which tunes up the internal organs , muscles, tendons, bones and joints. It also activates flow of Ki in the meridians and nervous system in the body. PMT corrects the disorder of internal organs, soothes pain & muscle tensions, reduces the inflammation of tendons and ligaments. When PMT therapist performs PMT(Do In Sul) on the body, it builds blood pressure in the blood stream, such as arteries and veins, which promotes the function of the circulatory system. PMT(Do In Sul) corrects the alignment of the spinal muscle and joints in the human's body with gentle and hard stimulation technique. When Ki is stuck in the joints and along the spinal cord, multiple complex symptoms begin to develop. Releasing the blockage of Ki. HME PMT(Do In Sul) invites "beauty of youth" to restore your body and it soothes the vital energy and promotes longevity to your life.


Aroma Massage: 1hour $45.00 / Oil Massage: 1hour $35.00

HME Clinic provides relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, aroma massage, facial massage, reflexology massage, tuina, acupressure and shiatsu massage. All the therapists who work at HME Clinic are certified massage therapists by HME University of America. Therapists are trained 1000 hours of  relaxation massage course and another 1000 hours for therapeutic massage.


Chair Massage: 1 hour $35.00


HME Chair technique; There is no need for tools, special rooms and a place to perform HME massage. Professional massage therapists can perform massage techniques in any position on the client and even in a small place while performing the massage. Relaxation Massage is dealing with common stress and muscle tension. Therapeutic Massage easily controls headaches, stomachaches, arthritis, myositis, tendonitis, back pain, shoulder pain, spinal problems, diabetes and any body ache and muscle pain.



Facial Meridian Massage: 1 hour $35.00


HME Facial Meridian massage technique is tuning the muscle tone from the weakness of muscle on the face. Especially when woman has wrinkle and dry skin on face, HME Meridian massage very effectively promotes blood flow. It also gives a nutrition on the surface of face skin, which keeps moisture on the face that protects aging from the middle age women. Try the facial massage thus you can be beautiful and keep the young for ever.


Foot /Reflexology: 1 hour $35.00


HME Foot is the lowest of extremities on the human body which has a lot of stress build-up and tension therefore causing various symptoms. Reflexology releases the accumulated tension on the foot and promotes the circulation of the blood on the foot. Professional massage therapist manipulates foot, which is related to the internal organic systems. Each points and regions have certain functions that correct the system in the body.

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