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Skin Care


" Your skin is what you eat" is the other common fact. If you have a good health your skin is good and healthy. Many women spend lots of money for their beauty and always want to be a young and beautiful forever. Women do not hesitate to spend money for expensive lotion, vitamin creams and high quality cosmetic for keeping the beauty. Applying expensive vitamin cream or anti aging creams is only good for out side of skin, is not good for the inside health. That is the reason why apply the vitamin on the skin, is only working temporally. The most true beauty of health is coming out from an inner beauty of good health, which create from inside of the body.


The nature of the beauty come out from inside to outside. The healthy and shiny milky skin from inside, which is true beauty from beauty of health. The healthy skin is always luster and shiny. Dry skin means poor nutrition, which is not shiny and luster. Acupuncture and Ki Gong treatments tune up the unbalance internal organs. Herbal medicine treatments rejuvenate the internal organs and skin, which keep the natural beauty and young in the most natural method.


Detoxification is another method to make healthy and beautiful life. For example, one of the diagnosis of Oriental Medicine is observing the patient's skin condition. If patient has dry and rough skin, there is lots of toxic in the body. If patient has lots of wrinkles and dry skin, patient has lack of blood and hormone. If patient's skin is luster and shiny, patient's body is in very healthy and lots of blood, hormone and body fluid.


Acupuncture also tunes up the internal organs to secret 9 different hormones in the endocrine systems and immune systems. You can see the dry skin become moist skin after acupuncture treatment. It has an excellent result because acupuncture deals with vital energy and hormones in the body.