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Tai Chi

Tai Chi


Master Chong practices Tai-Chi to activate internal Ki in the whole body and strengthen the muscles.


Tai Chi belongs to the family of the five internal styles that are all considered soft styles. They utilize the laws of nature for the development and cultivating of one's Ki to heal one's self and eventually heal others! Of course, there are elements of combat that are obviously integrated in the forms. Depending on what style of Tai Chi you study. Tai Chi emphasis will either be on self cultivation, self realization, long life and health, metaphysical phenomena or combat!   There are short forms, medium forms and long forms. The short forms consist of 24 movements and the long forms consist of 108 movements. There is a sword set and a knife set! There is a double broad sword set as well!


Oriental People develop Internal Ki through the constant practice of Tai Chi and it helps keep the flow of Ki, which results in a long and prosperous life. Ki are found in fresh oxygen and certain bio chemicals from the food.  Your cells need Ki to form and produce these chemicals that come from your food and the atmosphere! Your cells need to oxygenate- not oxidise! When your cells oxygenate, they generate power and energy but when your cells oxidise, your cells go into premature aging! Free radicals or tri-chemical compounds are the culprit of premature aging!  Your body requires simple elements to produce complicated compounds to help each cell in your body create a higher, more efficient cell during the process of mitosis. It's all part of the cycle of evolution. The division of a cell every seven years will produce a more efficient and powerful cell if the previous cell is fed all necessary bio chemical nutrients in its proper order! If a cell is fed chemicals that the DNA is not made of, then the result is malfunction, disorder, sickness and disease!