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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome




4-16-2003 Wednesday


I am 50 year old career woman who worked as a General Clark at Guam Power Authority. My job was to operate the computer to take care of the power bills for the residential department for all day. After work, I came home each time with my shoulder, arms, and hands hurt and tired. I thought the pain would go away after rest, but the pain grew worse. I had this on- an- off pain for more than 10 years.


On March 10, 2003. while at work the left side of my wrist was hurting so much, I did not know what to do thus I went to see my primary doctor in conventional medicine hoping for a cure so that my severe pain could be eased. I was diagnosed as having Carpatunnel Syndrome which is one of the most common problems for office staff now a days. I was treated by my primary doctor with pain control medications for 2 weeks, even though my wrist seemed to get worse each day. I was referred to another doctor where I had treatments, but still my wrist and arm got worse. Excruciating pain radiated all the way to the tip of my both hands.


Finally my primary medical doctor recommended me to have a surgery, and was referred to see a neurologist at the ITC Medical Clinic. I am scared to go through surgery. I mentioned this matter to my family, hoping for good advice or suggestions for other route to pursue. My younger sister who works at Guam Memorial Hospital on Guam, recommended for to have an acupuncture treatment. I told her of how frightened  I was of needles, especially having seen the long needles in pictures of people being treated.

Going through an operation, or having  needles being poked onto me is not exactly my idea of healing because the pain was unbearable.  However, I could not wait for an operation that I decided to seek acupuncture treatment.

My  sister took me to see Dr. Richard Chong Ph.D. in Traditional Oriental Medical Doctor Lic Ac., who also treated my younger sister for the same problems previously. To my surprise, Dr. Chong was very observant and was aware of my problems just by looking at me and asking simple questions. Although I was scared, I went through treatment and I was very satisfied of what Dr. Chong had done to help my severe pain. Now I am very happy to announce to the public, my wrist is no longer hurting, I am not suffering the pain as much as before. I am so surprised  that I lost 13lb during 10 visits of Acupuncture treatments from Heaven Man Earth University of America Oriental Medical Research Clinic.


Pacific Care, is my health insurance provider covers acupuncture service for only 10 visits a year, I strongly recommend Pacific  Care Health Plan carrier to remove the cap of limiting acupuncture treatments. In doing so, the Health Care Carrier shall save  and reduce unnecessary medical  costs for common surgery like a Carpatunnel Syndrome.


I am very graceful to HME  and Dr. Chong. I finally learned  that there are other options, such as Traditional Oriental Medicine, for a cure instead of undergoing unnecessary surgery. You just need to be brave and confident on your decision.  I realised that I made the right decision in my life!  I know I have taken the most safe and natural route of treatment.   


Thank You, Dr. Chong.

from Rose Salas