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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Rose Aguero


5-07-2003 Wednesday

I would like to share some background of myself by starting that I work a profession that  comes with high stress, my job requires me to respond to threats, leaving my family on any given day or night. Coupled with this type of job and the inheritance of medical problems that has been simmering over the year my medical tribulations began to surface. The start was carpal tunnel syndrome something that I amount of pain that I have had to live with. Of course early on I religiously and frequently visited my primary doctor always looking for medical guidance.  He placed on an exercise plan, advised me to buy the hand braces and to take my medication for the pain.  I wore my hand braces every chance I had and all it did was make my hand stiff and swollen, naive and  all I thought it was suppose to be that way.  The pains in my hand increased month after month nothing really worked, if any changes occurred it was worse to severe. "OUCH"

Two years ago I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, once again I did everything I was told to do such as diet, exercise and medication I thought I had it beat then I lost my father I went through the motions of burying him and without me noticing I started showing all the signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.  My immune system became weak, I began to get sick every month and was diagnose nearly every-time with pneumonia, my lungs took a beating every month I knew I would have inherited another problem so I was diagnosed with acute respiratory airway disease.  At this point my thoughts lead me to believe that my body was my worse enemy as I grew older I endured pains so excruciating it would make me grumpy.  I felt challenged everyday and was filled with tremendous fear, anxiety and anger.  I hated everything and everyone because of the inability to resume my life as it was before the ailment.  I became easily tired and irritated.

On April 25th 2003, my co-worker noticed how dark my hands were getting to include my fingernails she described it as lack of circulation.  I started to explain to her that I have severe carpal tunnel and we began to talk about the surgery that others friend had gone through and how some of them experienced a negative affect resulting in weakness of grip and constant pain of course there were others who shared their experience and reported positive results at that point I did not like the odds.  She asked me if I was willing to try acupuncture of course I was in agreement, as a matter of fact I called Dr. Chong's office within that hour.

On April 26th 2003, I went to Dr. Richard C.H.Chong's Office we did the consultation and during consultation Dr. Chong noticed that I had a bad case of stress, a knee problem and other things that needed to be addressed.  He did not send me away instead on the same day we began treatment. Dr. Chong kept me well informed in his techniques and gave me hope.  I had placed my whole trust in Dr. Chong and prayed and appreciated any healing.  I was thrilled beyond words to see and feel the results  of  this  healing so  early in the program.  I no longer felt separated from God and others, peace replaced fear, shame and anger.  My husband and family noticed the change and continued to encourage me to keep up with my therapy.

May 7, 2003 would have concluded my ten consecutive days of acupuncture therapy my hands and my fingernails have changed from dark to light.   I feel a lot of peace and harmony in myself.  I also feel less stress and a bit healthier.  Dr. Chong and I did it without medication, just herbs and acupuncture.

I am and will always be forever  grateful to Dr. Richard C.H. Chong Ph.D.

Thank You, Dr. Chong.

Rose Aguero
from Yona, Guam