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Name: Mark Beach
Birth Date: 8-21-56
Occupation: Professional Dancer
Holistic Health Counselor


Heaven Man Earth University of America
Oriental Medical Research Clinic for Resort


I am a professional dancer currently working at the Sandcastle Entertainment Company at Tumon on Guam.  I have working as a dancer for nineteen years and have experienced a number of injuries and treatments for those injuries. My experience with Allopathic medical doctors left me with side effects from drugs that hampered the total healing of the injury Anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers care cause a false sense of security and that can lead to further injury unknowingly.  We must be able to feel the healing taking place in the body to determine when the injury has healed enough to resume working. Anti-inflammatory and pain killing drugs effect our ability to think clearly and balance correctly.


I began seeing Dr. Chong with a severely sprained ankle earlier this year.
A severe sprain normally requires two weeks out of the show, at least.
Dr. Chong was able to have me back to work after a few days and with further treatment, strengthened the ankle. I experienced a second sprain sometime later and I believe because of the treatment received from Dr. Chong my recovery was quicker and continues to stay strong.  This was achieved without drugs!  Most recently I had a severe muscle and tendon pull in two areas of my back. The pain was excruciating and movement was nearly impossible.  Dr. Chong through various techniques such as Cupping had me pain free in less than a week and back to work in thirteen days.


This is the first time in my career I have received such quick response to major injuries without the use of Chemical  Drugs Conventional Physical Therapy cannot ever come close to effectiveness of Acupuncture Therapy Treatments the injury in relation to whole body systems, thus healing is quicker.


Dr. Chong has done a great service to myself as well as other performers at the Sandcastle and we fully rely on his ability to put us back to work as quickly as possible.

Thank You!

MarkW.Beach H.D.