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May 5, 1999

Dr. Richard Chong Ph.D.
HME Oriental Medical Psoriasis
Research Clinic for Resort

Dear Dr. Chong:

This letter is to serve as documentation of the treatment provided by you with regard to my Psoriasis Skin Disorder.

I am a 28 year old female. I was diagnosed with psoriasis in July 1998. The flare-up I had one month prior to the biopsy which led to the diagnosis was the first in my life. The treatment issued by Dr. Marcel at the Guam FHP clinic was corticosteroid, which is a form of topical steroids. At that time, my condition was very mild, with only a few lesions on my lower legs. By October 1998, the lesions were noticeably spreading to my arms, back, scalp, and upper torso. In addition, the prescribed medication was no longer effective. Unfortunately, my experience with Dr. Marcel was very distressing, and I decided to see another doctor.

During this transition period, however, I experienced a major flare-up on my arms which rendered me with much physical discomfort as well as severe emotional distress. I was seen at the FHP Urgent Care, at which time I was given steroids intravenously to counter the redness and swelling, and a short-term prescription of oral steroids. For a two-week period following my visit to FHP, I was provided with some relief. However, after that period, the lesions returned, and I experienced a severe flare-up. At that time, approximately 50% of my body was covered.

In early December 1998, I was seen by Dr. Song at the Guam SDA Clinic. Although he is a neurologist, he has some experience with skin disease. He prescribed a Vitamin D cortizone, which contained no steroids, and a scalp treatment. He suggested that I think about seeing a specialist in the mainland for treatment. Three weeks later, I returned to the clinic to see Dr. Song, as I experienced no relief from the Vitamin D cortizone. On the contrary, my skin was increasingly irritated by the prescription, and I stopped using it. Upon looking me over, Dr. Song referred me to Dr. Ralph Sablan, a dermatologist. By then, approximately 80% of my body was covered by psoriasis flare-up lesions.

My first visit to Dr. Chong was January 18, 1999. I was in severe pain, as the lesions had coalesced, and my skin was raw and cracked from the psoriasis skin disease. Additionally, I was constantly chilled, and experienced occasional hot flashes. My energy level was very low, and I was extremely emotionally distressed. Approximately 95% of my body, all but my face, was covered.

Dr. Chong explained to me that my problem was rooted in my intestines and liver. He administered acupuncture that day, and prescribed a three-day herbal cleansing. After two weeks of daily acupuncture treatment, I started to see results. Although the psoriasis skin disease had spread to other parts of my body, my limbs and torso were clearing.

Dr. Chong treated me daily with acupuncture and herbal remedies. I was put on a strict diet of vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes. Additionally, Dr. Chong instructed me to take Vitamin C and E supplements every day. Under Dr. Chong's encouragement, I underwent colon hydrotherapy for two, separate three-day periods after which I experienced rapid healing throughout my body.

Dr. Chong treated me for Psoriasis daily from January 18 to March 26, 1999. By the end of March, about 75% of my body was healed from psoriasis flare-up lesions. Due to Dr. Chong 's temporary leave of absence, I did not receive treatment for about five weeks. I am happy to note, however, that I have continued the healing process by following his specific instructions and I fully expect to be 100% cured of psoriasis one day soon.

I am a firm believe in Dr. Richard Chong's method of treating my illness. I also have no doubt that previous treatments of steroids by western medicine doctors played a strong role in the severity of my disease. This is not to say that this practice is wrong for every psoriatic; it was apparently wrong for me.

Moreover, Dr. Chong was able to do something for me that no other doctor did before him. He gave me hope that I would heal. For the first time since my life was turned upside down by the psoriasis disease, I did not feel helpless. I am certain that this has as much to do with the healing process as any form of treatment administered.

I will continue to Dr. Chong until I am cured of psoriasis, as well as refer anybody who is willing to seek alternative methods of treatment.

Lorena L. McDaniel